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Residential and Commercial Real Estate Investing 101

real estate panorama
Real estate panorama (Complete photo credits are located at the end of this article.)

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Real estate investment can seem intimidating to the uninitiated.  The first and only foray into owning property that most Americans will ever make is in purchasing a home — and that’s challenging enough without adding complications to the mix!  After all, who in their right mind would sign-up for more in the way of mortgage payments, insurance fees, and maintenance costs?

As an answer, you need only look at the historic rate of appreciation seen on real estate market investments (about 9% per year over the past thirty-five years).This makes sense because jobs are created as the economy grows.  Consider that the U.S. population sat at right around five million souls two hundred years ago.  A century ago, there were (approximately) seventy-five million people living in our country.  Today, that number has more than quadrupled, and over three hundred million people now call the US of A home — and you may safely assume that most of those folks are going to need two things at some point: a place to work and a place to live!2,3 Incidentally, both of those things require real estate.

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