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Mutual Fund Investing for Beginners

Mutual Fund Tutorial for the Working Man (by E.N.B.)
Finally — an easy mutual fund tutorial for the busy working Joe/Jane! (Photo credits are located at the end of this article.)

Mutual Fund Investing for Beginners

Tell me if this sounds familiar —

You work hard for your money!  At least eight hours a day (five days a week) you’re out there paying your dues and making a contribution to society — just trying to carve out that well deserved slice.  Even more than that: you’re responsible.  You aren’t drowning in debt, and every payday you squirrel away a percentage of your earnings.  As a result, you have a tidy sum lying around collecting dust — maybe in a separate savings account at the bank (earning abysmal returns), or maybe even stuffed inside your mattress (earning zero returns).

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