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Lincoln Incarnate: The Speech

The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC (Photo by 'Raul654')
The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. (Complete photo credits are located at the bottom of this page.)


It is a dark time in these United States of America. Crony capitalism has infected the legislative process, and the gap between blue and white collar citizens continues to widen as a result. The treasury has been emptied by ongoing war in the Middle East, and America’s leaders turn to shady foreign lenders in desperation, choosing to overlook their unscrupulous methods in exchange for vital economic relief. The American people, battered by ongoing recession and discouraged by rampant political corruption, turn to the heavens in despair, crying:

“Who will come to deliver us, in this, our hour of need? Who will save us from the sickness of greed, that twists hearts, even as it has turned our nation into a den of thieves?”

High above, the forces of eternity hear their lament, and are merciful. For, in a blazing splendor of light, The Great Savior of The Republic is reborn, to rally his flock in their darkest hour, and to lead them against the wolves, as he has done before…

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