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I’m Earl, a freelance writer living in the greater Pittsburgh, PA, area. I take proofreading, copy editing, ghostwriting, blogging and other miscellaneous contract work from all over the world regarding a wide variety of topics.  Whether it’s business or personal, fact or fiction, scientific, theological or metaphysical: I’ve probably written about (or edited) it.

Moreover, I have diverse interests, insatiable curiosity and a general love of knowledge that allows me to learn, grow, and ultimately adapt the tone of my prose to suit the specific needs of clients — not the other way around.  But, don’t just take my word for it!  On this site, you will find many examples of my original writing in the form of blog posts, articles, how-to-guides and more.

I believe my work speaks for itself.  If you agree, and would like to enlist my services, then please fill out the form on my Contact page — including your name, email address, website (if applicable), and a brief description of the project you have in mind.  I look forward to working with you!

Sincerely yours,
–Earl Noah Bernsby (E.N.B.)

About ‘The Everything Blog’

Freelance writing is just my day job!  I’m also a perpetual student, educator and occasional citizen journalist.  I’ve read hundreds of books on topics as diverse as: astronomy and physics, mathematics, personal finance and business, the arts, politics, classic and modern literature, music and poetry, philosophy, theology and much more.  In a nutshell, you could say that my heart’s true desire is to walk the path of knowledge and enlightenment forged by such timeless mental giants as Aristotle and Socrates; by renaissance masters like da Vinci and Buonarroti; by the awe-inspiring polymath Sir Isaac Newton, or his unsung rival Gottfried Leibniz.

“But Earl,” you ask, “why on Earth should I care?”

Excellent question!  You see, whenever I read (and, again, I read a lot) about a topic of interest, I take copious notes.  Afterwards, when I feel as though I have gained sufficient expertise about a subject to speak from a position of authority, I arrange these notes into articles and post them online.  Basically, my goal is to create a digital record representing the sum of all knowledge (that I have acquired) for the world to access for FREE!

You are just as likely to see articles written here about investing in stocks as outdoor survival.  Similarly, one day I might decide to post a review of The Illiad, and another I may write out an explanation of the Periodic Table.  Want to learn how to code in the programming language?  Well, there’s another project I plan to tackle in the future.  Moreover, I also contribute to the record of current events as a citizen journalist, reporting on news that interests me in the U.S. and abroad.

In a nutshell, when I learn something new, so do you!  My articles/posts are arranged by categories and sub-categories (and sub-sub-categories … you get the idea) which may be perused at your convenience by way of the menu at the top of every page.  Let’s get an overview of the type of content that may be found on each category page:

In the News

'Newspaper Pile' by Valerie Everett
“Hi.  My name’s Earl, and I’m a news junkie.” (Complete photo credits are located at the bottom of this page)

We all have our vices!  I guess I’m just a reporter at heart, and this category feeds my addiction to current events.  Here, I post about various topics in the news.  But, what makes a journalistic article different on my website, you ask?  I leverage the various source material that I have digested while learning about a story (including online articles, broadcasts, independent research, etc.), and link to them within my articles.  Furthermore, I include a descriptive References section at the end of my posts.  By doing so, readers are afforded a clear path to more information about a topic, should they choose to explore it, without having to queue in a never-ending string of Google/Bing/Yahoo searches.

I try to maintain objectivity while wearing my reporter’s hat, and take great care to present information that has not been influenced or distorted by this or that ideology or special interest.  That said, when I feel that I just have to give you my two-cents about something in the news, I promise to place the article in a separate Editorial category, so that there is no confusion between fact and opinion.  Isn’t that refreshing?

For more on my thoughts about the role of ethics in news reporting, see my editorial Bias in journalism.

In the News is divided up into sub-categories by geography (i.e., world, U.S., local) and/or genre (e.g., business, politics, entertainment). 

Twitter Feed

You may have noticed my Twitter feed hanging around on the various pages of this site.  Twitter is a great way for me to keep folks up to date on my latest articles and various projects, as well as other content I have encountered and wish to share with the world. Don’t worry — you won’t see me tweeting mundane statements like “For breakfast today, I had …”; only links to useful, enlightening and/or entertaining material.

In the Classroom

This is where I share everything that I have learned in life with the rest of the world.  Think of the In the Classroom section as your portal towards higher understanding and self-improvement for a variety of topics.  Most importantly: it’s free!

Grand Study Hall, New York Public Library
Come forth ye eager minds — there’s learning afoot!

One of my most fundamental beliefs is that access to knowledge is a human right, regardless of culture, creed or socioeconomic status.  As such, you won’t see any tutorials on this site truncated at a crucial junction, only to request some form of payment to access the rest of the material.

In the Classroom is divided into logical sub-sections according to categories, as well as sub-categories, sub-sub-categories, etc., where appropriate (just like the In the News section described above).  My pedagogical organization style mirrors what you would typically expect to find on an American college or university’s website.  For example, to access the Astronomy section, you would follow this path:

In the Classroom –> Natural Sciences –> Astronomy


The Parnassus, by Raphael
“… [T]he antiphonal sweet sound of the Muses singing.” –The Iliad (I. 604)
A conduit for inspiration channeled from the Muses, this section contains some of my creative writing.  You will also (eventually) be able to find book, game and movie reviews here, as well as fun stuff like logic puzzles.  The Entertainment section is a great place to unwind and escape your worldly cares for a time.  As Charles Hamilton would have said: Come with me, and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.

Photo Credits

  1. Newspaper Pile by Valerie Everett (CC-BY-SA 2.0via Flickr, 2007 Oct 20)
  2. Grand Study Hall, New York Public Library by Alex Proimos (CC-BY 2.0, via Fotopedia, date unknown)
  3. The Parnassus, by Raphael (Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons, c. 1509-1510)

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